Most of the band's members contributed to other bands in Omaha and Grand Island Nebraska before finally localizing in Omaha as SUPERIOR in late 2009.
Since then, they have been diligent in playing as a group and have gained a loyal following through countless local and surrounding shows, as well as fans who have become acquainted with them through the release of their music online.

Each member of the band draws influence from a variety of music including progressive and technical metal and hardcore, which lends their own music to being a comfortable mix of all these without leaning heavily on one style in-particular.
Aggressive vocals on top of groove-filled guitar riffs with sweet melodic lead overlays laced throughout, backed by a strong drum and bass rhythm duo that all offer an excellent exchange of musicality.

Throughout their time together, Superior has crafted its song writing and live set into something that is recognizable and signature to them, earning praise from local musical peers and touring bands alike. They always deliver a set that is solid with a sound that is noticeably tight and well crafted.