Stylo Tha Don

Stylo Tha Don is a Rap Artist from the Midwest; specifically, Omaha, Nebraska. He had an initial spark of creativity enter his life early on and has stayed with him ever since. It was Stylo’s older brother who first introduced him to the realm of music—particularly Rap Music from back in the 90’s. He was influenced musically along the way by the likes of Big Pun, UGK, Ice Cube, Nas, Scarface, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Twista to name a few. He jumped in head first into the music exposing him to what could be his reality and not just a passion or dream.

Both raw and diverse in his approach, Stylo is unapologetic. From his traditional Mexican upbringing to his experiences coming up as a young teen in the streets of South Omaha, Stylo brings you into the realities of the world that’s often glamorized in movies and music, but from the Latino point of view. He has a knack for shifting between English and Spanish with ease. Needless to say, this Rap Artist knows no limitations and always strives to improve and evolve in his music.

When asked about his “way out”, Stylo says “I always knew I was meant for something bigger than what was shown to me. I just knew since a young kid I was gonna be involved in music or entertainment. I’ve always liked attention, good or bad. If it wasn’t for my brother putting me onto rap music and certain individuals supporting my decisions, I’d probably be dead or locked up. It was that real at the time. We were youngins coming up surrounded by gang banging and drug dealing. My homies were getting killed or locked up. We were out here doing dirt, doing what these so-called rappers rap about. Our homes were being raided and every weekend was a fight or shooting. Rap was my outlet…it became my plan for my future. So I picked up every album I could find from the best rappers from every location and studied their craft. That’s how it all began.”

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