Star Belle

We are three ladies with ukuleles and the tightest three-part harmonies you’ve ever heard. Recent appearances include Flatwater Music Festival and Denver UkeFest.


How did this harmony-driven country/folk trio come to be? Well, boys and girls, the story goes like this: merely acquaintances, Hope & Jessica were standing in the hallway waiting to pick their kids up from preschool when Jessica worked up the nerve to ask if Hope would give her ukulele lessons. Without hesitation, Hope did the following:
• said “yes!”
• drove to Lincoln
• bought her first ukulele,
• started teaching herself to play

The two invited fellow-preschool mom Lisa to join them for coffee and soon they were working on three-part harmonies around the kitchen table while kids banged spoons on the high chair and played Legos underfoot.

Three years later: the band has released its first CD; Lisa moved to Georgia and Emily joined the trio; the kids play more Minecraft than Legos; these uku-ladies continue to bring harmony, laughter, stories of love, family, and small town life to listening rooms, house concert, and festival stages across Nebraska and Colorado. Recent shows include Swallow Hill’s Denver Ukefest, Flatwater Music Festival, The Listening Room.

Whether singing tongue-in-cheek about the wisdom of marrying for money (none of them did—learn from their mistakes!) or soulfully crooning their title track admonishing listeners to “make some room for question marks/feeling your way in the dark/ make some room for the hard parts/ make some room for love,” Star Belle is not an act to be missed.