Spatial Distortion

Does man make the machine, or does the machine make the man? Lincoln, NE native Jim Brodhagen seeks to explore the ongoing fusion of human consciousness and technology with his one-man project, Spatial Distortion. Coalescing from the audio gadget-strewn depths of his studio is a mélange of soft subtractive synthesizers, haunting classical elements, and abstract distorted drums. Brodhagen seeks to evoke feelings of mystery and of vastness, creating dark, existential sounds to lead the listener through a sonic mind-labyrinth.


Birthed from a developing interest in analog recording and digital glitching, Spatial Distortion found its impetus in Brodhagen’s desire to interpret with music the phenomenon of hypnopompia, that curious state of consciousness existing between slumber and waking.

As producer-in-chief, Brodhagen has steered Spatial Distortion into considerable local success, performing alongside the likes of Rena Jones, Bassnectar, and renowned local IDM loop-masters Somasphere. In the same veins as they, Brodhagen creates music from scratch and seeks to blends the arts of audio and audio engineering.