Southpaw Bluegrass Band

Nebraska’s best hard driving original bluegrass band.



Formed in 2003, Southpaw has gone through many evolutionary changes to reach where they are today. With one foot planted firmly in the traditions of Bill Monroe and Ralph Stanley, and the other in original songwriting concepts, Southpaw delivers their own hard-edged take on bluegrass, with blazing tempos and a high lonesome sound that just won't quit.

With the release of their debut album in 2008, Southpaw has upped the ante, traveling and touring, and performing around the region, and enjoying radio play from Alaska to South Carolina.

Their second release in June of 2010 brings a more mature sound to Southpaw's growing catalog of original music with 22 tracks, all penned by the band members.

Watch for Southpaw playing near you soon, and if they're not, tell them to get their butts to your town. Go ahead, ask them, really, they're nice guys.