Indie/Rock/Pop band from the midwest.


Sometimes beauty is not in what’s found, but it’s in the pursuit of beauty itself. For Sheridanway, this pursuit began in 2013 with the release of their debut album, Just Biding Time. An album beautifully crafted and wonderfully written, it utilized passionate lyrics, smooth vocals, and polished production to tell a story of hope and heartbreak, distance and love.

Now a little over a year later, Sheridanway is back again with their sophomore effort, Ghosts. Taking chances musically as well as lyrically, Sheridanway challenges genre generalities by striving for melody above pop appeal. With writing that still has a natural draw towards his indie/pop roots, songwriter/producer Zach Lardy creates a hauntingly beautiful portrait of melody that seeks to tell a story. Lyrically, Ghosts touches on subjects such as fear and regret organically and with raw appeal to the hope that remains.

With their constant pursuit for excellence in their creativeness, Sheridanway has created something elegantly beautiful with their sophomore effort. Another page written in their story, this band will continue to be a great read, as each chapter is better than the last.