Alt-Rock band from Omaha, NE


With new music, new band members, and a redirected vision, Scenic is exploding onto the national music scene. The Omaha natives have toured across the US opening for acts like Lybecker, Pilgrim Song, Remedy Drive, Chris August, and Newsong. With their most recent single "We Are More" getting internationla radio play in the US & Canada, they've been working diligently on new music to release for the last 3 years.

The band is driven by a goal to unify people. Creating an environment where people from different backgrounds, cliques, and scenes can come together and sing out songs and enjoy that unity through the power of music and the live rock show. Being compared to acts like Switchfoot, Weezer, and Imagine Dragons, they have a unique sound that attracts people with so many different musical style preferences. The live show will draw you to awe and inspiration, and hanging out with the band after the show is always welcome. "We want to be an approachable band, a group of guys who are always welcoming conversation and dialogue," frontman Kevin McClure says, "We love the people who come out to our shows, and we want to interact with them and hear their stories. Those stories are what fuel us on the road."

Don't miss Scenic at their next live shows, and go take a listen to their most recent single "We Are More" on iTunes and YouTube.