Saints of Lust

Rockstars and Dollparts release July 26, 2014
The first single, Midnight Christ available now on iTunes and Spotify of Lust


SAINTS OF LUST was formed in 2010 by Bassist / Guitarist Greg Turner. A fan of the early 70′s Punk Movement and the early dark glam rock of Motley Crue, Turner wrote and recorded songs that were essentially a soundtrack to the groups outlook. Inspired by the disturbing imagery portrayed in such films as A Clockwork Orange, Fight Club, and a slew of Quenten Tarintino movies, Turner penned songs that have the attitude and punch of Metal and Punk. The SAINTS first single “Midnight Christ” embodies all that the SAINTS are about.”I’ve always believed that attitude is everything, and our songs reflect that, but with a bit of tongue in cheek. That makes great songs adhere to anyone’s personal view of what it might mean to them, whether good or bad. I’m remixing a lot of the tunes to put ‘em out on the net, plus writing for the next EP. The songs aren’t perfect, but then I don’t think rock & roll is meant to be pretty in the first place.”