Saffyre Nation

My name is Billy, you may not know. i play music on the piano. I’m in pursuit of digital fame. My songwriting’s at the top of its game.

I’m on the TWITTER (@BillySaffyre) and the YOUTUBE (BillySaffyreMusic), too. I’m on the FACEBOOK (BillySaffyreMusic) to connect with you. What the hell is an INSTAGRAM (@BillySaffyreMusic) -well I’ll give it a shot for the sake of my fans.

I remember PSY (Gagnam Style) and that crazy guy (shot his daughter’s lap top) and the Harlem Shake… I made one, too. To connect with you… (

For booking a show, contact
Jennifer Young: 402.880.7082 |

NOTE: If you approach Billy personally, post about, or send a message to this page about booking engagements or ‘jam sessions’ , please understand that he is under contract NOT to book his own shows. He may smile, nod, or even say “yes” to everything, but nothing will be made official unless you’ve arranged it with Jennifer.