‘My Super Dope Ep’ is available now on iTunes!


Every day there seems to be some new brick stacking, cheese sacking, gun touting gangsta whipping work in an abandoned building, whose amateur online promotional and musical abilities make waves in clubs or the internet. On the other hand, there are those who are more content to consume the drugs, lay back and contemplate their lives, essentially becoming emotional troubadours through their songs. His previous releases, especially his under-hyped Super Dope EP, weave tales of lost love, struggling, hustling and plain braggadocio all together in a very consumable way.

His latest track, “Let Go”, illustrates this point wonderfully. ROB speaks from the perspective of someone who is love drunk, figuratively and literally, as he reminisces and attempts to re-connect with a significant other. Strangely there is no trace of a somber tone, even during the hook, when he learns that his girl – tracked with a great feature from Mariah O – is moving on. It seems ROB is spearheading an entry into the college rap genre. Seemingly borrowing his naming cadence from Super Duper Kyle, his sound is also reminiscent of Hoodie Allen, Jake Miller, Mike Stud and more of the stars one would hear today.