Product Of The Broken

Product of the Broken is an Omaha band of four people who love playing and writing music! Writing songs that relate to the public and band’s daily lives.


From the beginning, the members of Product of the Broken had one thing in common above all others: passion in music. When Dolan and Rob met in the fall of 2015, the two knew that it would be a rough road to being successful musicians, but none the less, they began to put the pieces of a future band together. They Began the road by inviting friends from other bands like Sons of Rome and Ambition. The two attempted to create what would be later known as the short lived hard rock band, Sureside. After the departure of the band members, Dolan and Rob were left with a chance to start a new path in their music careers. With Dolan's friend, Randy from Columbus, Nebraska joining the partners as their new rhythm guitarist, the trio set out to find a drummer. Within the same time frame of March 10, 2016, the new formed band attained an incredibly skilled drummer, Nick. After only two weeks of hard, dedicated work, the group created their first song known as Disappear. Within this time the group began tossing ideas around for a name. Finally with the finalizations of Disappear being done, the group settled on the name Product Of The Broken.