verb (transitive) archaic
1. to feed; to stock; to fill

noun (proper)
1. Matt Benson, Shawn Hammer, Joe Nikolite & Eric Velander

See Also: primacy; trap; compulsion; wont; exploration; fear; id; you; face; movement; disgust; habit; dust; taboo; composure; love; ink; feedback; superego; gift; beast; I; con; Omaha; ligature; neon; pariah; neuroticism; human; post-modern; garbage; disappointment; me; survivalism; well-prepared; astronaut; impostor syndrome; they; divinity; seen; herd; rhythm; troglodyte; sweat; afterglow; cigarette; ego; code-switching; we; hypocrisy; gall; conflict; immolation; bodies; evolution; sleight; reverence; recency; is