Orion Walsh

Orion Walsh is a singer-songwriter from Lincoln, Nebraska.


After a decade of putting out albums and touring, Nebraskan singer-songwriter Orion Walsh has released his fifth album “The Tale of a Broken Compass” with indie label the Hunter Records. Consisting of ten new songs full of highly personal storytelling, the album is truly a mature step forward for this well traveled troubadour. Walsh has previously released two full length albums, “The Hitchhiker’s Son” produced by AJ Mogis (Bright Eyes, The Faint, Cursive) and “Tornado Lullabies” produced by Aaron Edwards as well as two EPs, “Freedom Lost Freedom Found” and “First By Water Then By Fire” with indie label The Hunter Records and Morning Radar Sounds. He has also released a full length album with his previous band Slow Coming Day (Tooth and Nail Records) which had major label distribution back in 2003. His accomplishments include releasing several songs for multiple compilations as well. Walsh has been touring for a decade and has performed shows all over the United States and in Europe. Several of his songs have been used on television and independent films in the past, the most noteworthy being on “Americas Next Top Model” of international fame. Expect to see more from this free spirited traveler and songwriter in the years to come.