Mitchell Mark Bollig

Singer song writer that hopefully doesn’t suck


Born in Omaha, Nebraska, Mitchell Bollig has raised the bar in accomplishing goals and fueling dreams. Starting at the age of 16, Mitchell began to write and publish poetry. Mitchell has authored three books, "Talking with God," "Lover of All Mankind," and a fictional short story titled, "City Lights."

Mitchell has been playing the guitar and writing songs for most of his life. His first full-length album was released just when he was a senior in high school. Mitchell has now recorded four CDs, his latest is an upcoming EP entitled, "We Are All Prodigals." Mitchell is a well respected solo guitarist that flows from finger picking to improvisation. His influences are from some of the world's greatest guitar players such as, Pierre Bensusan and Tommy Emmanuel.

​When you hear his music you begin to get a taste of the diversity of his writing style; you find two streams of simplicity and complexity interwoven on a guitar neck. He hopes that the passion he finds when writing instrumentals is the same level of passion found in his lyrics.