Angry, Loud and Pessimistic Stoner/Sludge Metal.
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How will the world end? It is a subject often considered by creative minds. Will it be a massive plague unleashed upon the world by it's own occupants? Perhaps a meteor will come down from the sky and destroy us like the dinosaurs. Maybe none of this exists and we are a part of a collective fantasy or hooked to a massive machine monstrosity harvesting our brain energy.

However, as foretold by many religious texts we shall meet our end when hell-fire comes raining down upon us. Will it be a construct of Satan, or will it be a incredible device of power that mankind had no business creating?

What shall the world be line after the pieces are put back together? Will we remain? Shall we become lawless savages or a community of individuals bent on self preservation? Has God abandoned his children as they are forced to fest upon fellow man to survive?

We hope to answer those questions. The legends have been passed down backwards through time and placed in the minds of many, including ourselves. Anarchy, War, Disease are all a reality in one possible timeline, will it be ours?