Meadow Rave

Meadow Rave is a modern hard rock band out of Lincoln, Nebraska, playing fresh sounding rock and roll!


Meadow Rave formed on January 12th, 2012 as Closed For Repairs. CFR became Meadow Rave on November 30th, 2013. Since forming, we have played around 50 shows and have opened for bands such as Black Oak Arkansas, Preacher Stone, Vaudeville, and Count to Four. Our style consists of a wide range of songs inspired by our countless influences. Our very first EP, "Play It Loud!" was released on July 13, 2013! Meadow Rave is made up of Josh Decker on vocals and guitar, Alex Carroll on guitar, Chandler Krull on bass, and Tyler Schneider on drums. We look forward to making more music and seeing you at our shows!