Linear Symmetry

Linear Symmetry is an Electronic Dance Music duo driven by Live Drums and Keyboards. The Linear Duo is comprised of Andrew Alback, the hands behind the life of the drums, and Chris Story, the producer and life of the keyboards, both of the jam/funk band Blue Martian Tribe. Taking an organic approach to electronic music, Linear focuses on a new sound that’s constantly evolving and shaping itself. The Linear groove is original and organic, progressing from jazz, to hip-hop, to trance, to drum n’ bass while centering on beat heavy music. Linear Symmetry is Organic Dance Music.

Formed prior to the 2012 Winter Solstice, Linear Symmetry has been relentlessly working their craft while touring through the MidWest. Both members draw inspiration from their love of international travel, spirituality, holy sites, geometry, psychology, the human body, and peace & love. Each of these Loves encompasses the must-be-seen visual show at Linear Symmetry events.