Lightning Bug



Encompassing a wide range of aural offerings, Omaha natives Lightning Bug have a truly unique sound that at times can be difficult pin-point. Lead singer David Moore’s vocals channel the on-the-edge-of-screaming singing style which will send delightful tingles up your spine. The intricacies of the guitar work that Moore and fellow guitarist Laurence DeBoer display highlight the pair’s attention to detail and familiarity with each other that many bands only hope to achieve. The rhythm section of Keith Rodger on bass and Justin Valentine on drums are impressive as well. Rodger’s style of funk/blues add a danceable beat to songs while Valentine's playing is not limited to one style, keeping the band spastic yet still uniform and completing the four piece quite well. At times, Lightning Bug can be intense and abrasive, or ethereal, ambient and technical. while still at others moments trance, dance, and synthesized. Almost like a schizophrenic patient in a psych ward, but in a good, musical way. .. .... ..

- Lucas (Black Heart Booking)