Latin Threat Music

Latin Threat is an an urban street legend. His ties to some of the biggest underground movements in America bring his mission front and center.


Nebraska MC, Latin Threat, born Joshua Bates, identifies his love for music as starting at the early age of 6. After hearing his older brother play a mixed tape loaded with Erik B & Rakim, Public Enemy, Tribe Called Quest and EPMD the young Threat was hooked on the lyrical play and sway these hip-hop all-stars created so easily. He started first by trying to match the lyrics, then he grew to creating his own lyrics and evolving from there to the “marriage to music” he describes today. With his backdrop set in South Omaha’s infamous SOMA town, Threat was dealt one of life’s many hard hands giving way for music to materialize into the one thing that would give him refuge and later save his life unleashing this talented artist on the world stage.

Like many in his shoes, his story reflects the hard times and struggle of today’s migrant Mexicanos living in this mixed world of old-world values and new world hustles just to keep it G on the streets. Gangs, drugs, jail, repeat was the story that led to his early stay in juvenile detention followed by 5 years of time in federal prison. Yet, music had staked its claim on Threat and it was then, at the age of 16 that prison forced his focus onto the poetry and flow of hip-hop lyricism. “I had a notepad with me everywhere while I was inside. It became my voice to feelings and experiences I had never talked about much less wrote about. It became my outlet.”

Once released Threat was focused and hit the studio with a passion that had been raging behind those bars. At 21 he recorded his first studio album while still living in his halfway house and he quickly followed that up with his first live performance in Sioux Falls, ID. “I couldn’t think of anything else but laying my tracks. I had family that I had to take care of and this became my only thought. As a single father of 3 failure ain't an option.” He released his first mixtape “Years of Silences” that pushed him for more. It was then that he met current Manager David (Mr. Cin'atra) Lee (Deep Groove Management). With David’s support and Threat’s undying motivation he took the scene by storm. On his journey he’s been part of great groups like Vive Grande Entertainment and Block Movement Music (BMM), which he co-founded. His musical truths kept resounding the fierce and raw life of a Midwest Hustler and he quickly garnered attention and support from publications such as XXL magazine, Midwest Hustler’s magazine, Yo Raps magazine, and many online publications like, and more. Always humble and willing to learn Threat has had great fortune in garnering features on his tracks from power artists like Berner, Young Buck, Snow Tha Product, Yo Gotti and Nipsey Hussle to name a few. As part of the Thizz LatinMidWest crew many like Julio “GoldToes” Sanchez, Baby Bash and more, have supported his education in the game.

2014 brings a great deal of progress and forward momentum to this Midwest rapper on a mission to show the world that race and creed have nothing to do with vision and mission. The New Year kicks off deep with Threat being signed by Relentless Records run by Chino Di’Nero, and another new contract with Entertainment PR firm SEEN PR, Inc. out of California. Latin Threat is bringing his music to the masses worldwide. New team, new vision and raw hunger makes this one of 2014’s artists to watch.

Management: Vital Management, Inc.

Booking/Tour Manager: Chino Di'Nero (515) 612-3827

PR/Media: Ilka T. De León - (855) 737-6777 x. 2007