Las Cecilias

Omaha’s premier all-female mariachi


Las Cecilias is a musical group that fuses various forms of Latin music. The group draws from a wide variety of sounds ranging from traditional mariachi roots, to songs with tropical influences and have even incorporated modern American billboard hits. Las Cecilias is comprised of young talented Latinas from a variety of Latin American cultures who have a passion to perform various genres of music reflective of their Latino heritage. Many of the musicians have a strong background performing mariachi, la música ranchera. They have all performed a wide range of styles of music outside of the Latin genre in the Midwest area with various musicians. Mariachi music was originally a male dominated industry, but women are leaving their mark in this industry and are influencing the mariachi experience. Las Cecilias is a vibrant and innovative new age group that modernizes the traditional form of mariachi and inlfuences new sounds on traditional and modern songs. Las Cecilias is one of Omaha's newest all-female groups that can captivate their audiences and are sure to add the perfect entertainment touch to your special event.