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Kontages (Jacob Palermo) was born in the concrete jungle known as the Bronx and his parents knew there was something special about him at an early age. At just five years old Kontages wrote his first story. From that moment on there was no looking back.
Constant gang violence and drug activity didn’t sit well with his parents. His Dad (born in Puerto Rico) along with his Mom (born in Brooklyn) wanted a better life for him, his older two brothers and sister so at the age of eleven his family moved to Omaha, Nebraska. Omaha was far different from the cultural melting pot of New York. Gone were the summer days of running through the fire hydrant as a much smaller substitute for a pool. You can take a boy out of the Bronx, but you can’t take the Bronx out of the boy.
A new city and culture made it hard to adapt at first. With more freedom because of the lower crime rate, Kontages found time to get into trouble. It wasn’t long before the law became involved in his life. While on probation in his early twenties, Kontages turned to his writing for release. These writings became a body of work called “Collection of Thoughts” which was released September of 2010. A song titled “My Lifetime” off of that album was submitted to a song writing contest by the State of Nebraska and while waiting for the results of this submission he didn’t stand still. He decided to enroll in college to study business-destined to avoid being another minority statistic. Kontages was chosen to represent the State in the “Tune My Life” campaign. This campaign allowed Kontages to come into contact with Grammy Award winning engineer ND Rock. Soon, he was on a plane to write and record in California.
Since then Kontages has been on a roll. First, going on tour with Murphy Lee throughout the Midwest, then opening up for artists such as Rittz, Tech Nine, Snow Tha Product, Ces Cru, Jarren Benton, Caskey, Freddie Gibbs and Nick Cannons’ Psych Ward Druggies. He has performed at SXSW along with Big Mike and Young Bleed. Recently Kontages had the opportunity to record a track with Krizz Kaliko.
Kontages has accomplished all this and still managed to complete his schooling earning an MBA with a concentration in marketing while zig zagging the country from California all the way to New York and back again. He believes life is what you make it and if you see it you can create it. It’s crazy to think that this is just the beginning. Kontages Music-Catch

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