Kite Pilot

Kite Pilot formed in midtown Omaha circa summer of 2003. With a sound described as a mash of new wave/post punk and melodic indie, Kite Pilot hits the current with full force. Guitarist/ Bassist/ Vocalist Erica Hanton, Drummer Jeremy Stanosheck, and Keyboardist Todd Hanton deliver performances that provide the audience with the musical and emotional variety seldom heard from a single band.

In 2003, KP released its debut self-titled EP, which garnered local buzz and considered one of the best local releases at the time by Tim McMahan of Kite Pilot then followed up with the album Mercy Will Close Its Doors, which received highly acclaimed reviews. The Empty Spaces EP was the last release – a collection of secret songs performed live, but never released outside of the Omaha scene.

Kite Pilot’s musical style has taken many different turns in order for it to arrive to where it is today. In the beginning, singer-songwriter indie pop was dominant, moving to experimental progged-out pop-rock, electro-pop dance, and now they have reached their current stage in fine form – post-rock pop.

The band successfully gained the attention of fans in an over-saturated scene and plans to keep creating waves into the future.