Debut album coming in 2016! youtu.be/8i_Ysu5IBBo


JAGAJA (jăg-guh-jaw) is a pseudo palindrome acting as a reflection for the musical co-op of twin brothers Gabriel and Graham Burkum. The band is based in Omaha, Nebraska, and is fronted by Gabriel (bass) and Graham Burkum (guitar). The frontmen split lead vocals and harmonies, creating a sound that is best described as hypnotic yet aggressive, sometimes anthemic, psych-pop punctuated with ruminating, day-dreamy riffs. JAGAJA is the departure from the Burkum’s former endeavor, Skypiper, a power-pop outfit that has been performing since 2007.

The Burkum twins define JAGAJA with a balance between sun-drenched reverie and true earthly aggression. The act is anchored firmly by the two brothers, and realized with support by a variety of musicians.

JAGAJA’s self-titled album is tentatively set to debut in early 2016.