Retro-progressive post-postmodern-post-rock alt-retro rock music. Just listen, we promise you’ll like it.


We recorded The Rock Particle album at Ware House Productions with Tom Ware in Omaha NE over the course of three days in early April 2015. 7 songs went from concept to finished product (mixed and out the door) in about 30 hours. The majority of tracks were live takes with very minimal "studio magic" involved. This is the sound of the band, playing at our best, in a great sounding room with a talented engineer. Anyone who has recorded music before should have an understanding of the intensity involved. We were focused and prepared. We went in to the session wanting to get to the essence of this music we play, to strip it down to Truth and graces, to dig into the fundamentals. To find The Rock Particle.
released 11 April 2015

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Mike Wolfe - Drums/Vocals
Anthony Purdy - Guitar/Vocals
Abram Larson - Bass Guitar
Foster Weyand - Guitar/Vocals
Becky Lowe-Weyand - Additional vocals on The Blister Gas Party

Supersymmetry Histogram image © Cern. Used with permission.