George Burl

Not Havin’ Nuthin’ To Do Wit’ It.

A baby was born and named Michael Walworth. This baby grew into a child who wanted to be called Bryan. Bryan liked to play drum machine and write songs. For many years, he tried to get people to call him Bryan, no one ever would.

Eventually, Michael changed his name to Bram Stoker. Bram was a comedian. He performed comedy skits while making and losing many friends. Bram could be a real asshole.

Comedy turned into Rock & Roll and Bram became part of a loose collective of determined kids who called themselves Tate Red.

Rock became Punk, Tate became Snot. SnotRocket was around long enough to get banned from every bar in town.

SnotRocket veered back through Red Potato Country until a nameless, terrified shadow was all the remained. Then, out of a mid-twenties haze of pills, wine and depression stumbled Thomas Mountain.

Thomas Mountain attempted to write hit country songs. He was a miserable failure.

Thomas stumbled back into obscurity and Michael went to school to learn about the sub-atomic particles that seemed to hold all sound together. Music Composition is the Scientific term.

Michael hit a growth spurt becoming The World’s Tallest People. The message, the style and the intentions were all wrong.

Two weeks of open mics, and spontaneous apartment shows in Northern California sparked a new artistic philosophy. It was at a large open mic Somewhere in Humboldt County where a young songwriter first wrote the name George Burl.

George grew out a big beard. He had long conversations with birds and guitars. He drank more than he should and traveled much too far away from home.

George shaved his beard. And that’s when things got really confusing.

Jorge Burlioz has began appearing here and there.

-written in third person by Michael Walworth