Fortis Boy Choir

Fortis Boy Choir is a non profit corporation formed in 2014 to create a Boy Choir that over time will become one of the finest in the country. The United States doesn’t have the history of boy choirs that many European countries do but we can accomplish great things by educating boys in the art of singing and performing the finest music in the boy choir tradition.

Teaching young boys the commitment and work necessary to accomplish a goal develops character, discipline, leadership, global awareness, and a strong commitment to excellence.

The lessons a young boy learns while working with other young boys to accomplish what seems impossible will last a lifetime!

Fortis, a Latin word translates to; Brave, strong, powerful, and courageous!


At the age of 10 I was selected with about 40 other boys to be in a choir for several Christmas performances. I remember very little about the actual performances but I do remember the joy of practicing a piece of music, as a group, and over time learning the harmonies and understanding the phasing. After the piece was perfected there was great satisfaction signing with the group and listening to what we had created. That feeling never goes away!

The all boy choir was formed in 2014 to give boys from ages 7 - 17 and above the opportunity to show their telnet and work as a team to perform amazing music. The choir started reversal in February of 2015 and had our first concerts in May. The Fortis Boy Choir has two sessions during the year, spring and fall, and a summer break that follows the school year.