Flying Kards

In a deep sleep. Sleeeeep. Sleeeeeeeep.

Flying Kards is a four-piece band from Omaha, Nebraska. Ross, Erik, and Mike share a lot of musical tastes and influences, which is a key factor in that all too important aspect of a band’s ability to create – chemistry.

Flying Kards has been working on a number of very new songs as well as some of the classics you can hear on this page. Hopefully, now that Flying Kards have more tasty grooves at their disposal as well as a complete line-up, there will be gigs in the not-at-all-distant future, new tunes online, and new friends along the way.

The band also recorded and mixed their first full-length studio album and with a huge Do-it-Yourself attitude and a little help from some friends along the way, the songs are now available for your listening pleasure