Dirt is a three-piece-indie-fuzz-rock-phenomenon instantiated in the cultural hub of the good life, Omaha, NE. Coming together in the wake of the infamous Saddle Creek Crash of 2012, Ben-Guitar +Vocals, Bass-Michael, and Ryan-Drums, are recording rapidly and effectively self-releasing single after single.

Dirt is the harmonization of loud melodic riffage swarming around Michael and Ryan’s fuzzy rhythm factory, and the poppy little melodies Ben has been humming to himself since playing hookie in high-school (Hookie Hooks). They want to rummage through the garage sales and garbage of the departed members of the Butthole Surfers and the Flaming Lips for lights, toys, and burned up cymbals to make their live shows POP! They want to steal Robert Pollard’s old 4-track and record Dinosaur Jr. playing a live show in an airplane explosion for backing noise on their first LP. They want to follow Yuck around on their tours and pull pranks and practical jokes to vindicate the theft of Dirt’s thunder. They want to endorse an iPod that is decorated to look like a copy of Our Band Could Be Your Life.

Dirt will be a household name after the financed by soon to be defaulted student loans marketing strategy is executed. Dirt merch will fill up all the big box stores during Black Fridays for the rest of the 2010’s pushing all the KISS, One Direction, and Adventure Time toys into the cut-out bins.

We were born, live, play, and work in the dirt.


Ben VanHoolandt: The guitarist and lead singer of Dirt. A high school dropout who rushed to get his GED when he found out he could get PELL Grants for college, which he used to buy guitars, records, and recording equipment.

Michael Laughlin: The bassist of Dirt. A tech savvy kid, who is good with money, and thrives off the second-hand knowledge he gets from his electrical engineer brother.

Ryan Tvrdy: The drummer of Dirt. This boy is a hell of a crib salesman in his spare time. He met Michael and Ben at a Jay Reatard in-store.