Bullet Proof Hearts

Bring together four musicians from the Midwest’s most rocking bands, and you get BULLET PROOF HEARTS. Formed in 2011, the members of BULLET PROOF HEARTS’ past bands read like a who’s who of the Midwest Underground scene; Kevin Moran – Guitar & Vocals: Nuns With Guns, The Criminals, New Ave. Kings. Mark Blackman – Drums: No Heroes, Apathy, Nuns With Guns, Bad Luck Charm. Tammy Gun – Bass: Chicken Hawks, Blue Collar Bravado, Vermins, Take Agent. Aaron Schmitz – Guitar: The Rundowns, The Upsets. BULLET PROOF HEARTS combines the members love of classic “real” punk rock & power pop, to produce its distinctive, loud rockin’ sound.

BULLET PROOF HEARTS’ style of hard driving rock with hooky guitars puts them right at home in the Underground Rock genre. Since BPH is a song-orientated band with plenty of melody hooks, all of their songs are catchy, easy to sing along to, and easy to remember.

The experience of BPH’s band members may prove them to be an ideal lineup for a dream band. The four members teamed up in 2010 and have been working at full-throttle ever since to bring great playing & great music to the masses! In a world of “Rap Metal, Emo whining, Indie slackers & Corporate rock”, BULLET PROOF HEARTS still stand for (and remember) what real rock n’ roll is/was all about! Stay tuned for more details and updates on BULLET PROOF HEARTS.