AZP is a 5-piece alternative music band with genre influences of alternative hip-hop, rock, jazz, and soul.


Founded and created by Zach Watkins & Ishma Valenti, AZP is a 5 piece alternative band with genre influences of hip-hop, jazz, rock, and soul. We are known to create popular music with a message. Our lyrics and our melodies are inspiring and motivating to the listener, and include subject matter that is both universal and full of depth.

AZP is known for powerful, energetic, live performances. While our albums and records are recorded with more of a digital dominance, our performances involve all live instrumentation: Piano, guitars, bass, and drums. As Zach (Piano/Vocals) and Ishma (Vocals) lead the show with soulful melodies and creative lyrics, together the band gets crowds involved with energy and musicianship.

AZP is inspired by ART! With every song, every album, every show, we make sure to market ourselves as fine artist of indie culture.