Arrows and Sound

Arrows and Sound, the new project from Philip Zach. Debut, self-titled record available NOW here:


“I’ve always been fascinated by the ability of sound to generate emotion and reveal what our hearts are longing to say. Arrows and Sound starts with a noise. A chord on the piano, the palm of a hand against the pavement of a garage floor in rhythmic motion, the strike of a mallet against a bell. And from that sound, a melody is born, and soon a specific emotion emerges. Like arrows targeted at the heart, the music i love and the music i want to make is centered around the ability of melodies and soundscapes to make us feel, to be inspired, to articulate the subtle groans of our hearts without saying a word. For the past year, i’ve been so blessed to chase these concepts in the controlled and specific environment of the studio, and now i want to finish this record with vocals that will articulate what the music already is starting to say. Arrows and Sound is my attempt to make music that moves me and hopefully others, to connect with hearts in a way that only sound can.“
-Philip Zach

Arrows and Sound was born in the studio. The band started in the basement with a Kaoss pad and a Nord keyboard when Philip Zach was off the road in between tours. Eventually he wanted to capture the sounds he was creating brought some ideas to producer Riley Friesen to record music on their free time. Without the constraints of demographic, marketability, or any other type of construct, the two decided to make the music they would love to listen to and ended up crafting the early stages of the emotional soundscapes that became Arrows and Sound.