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"Sick Birds Die Easy" Omaha Premiere & InDreama at Slowdown | Photo Essay

See photos from the Omaha premiere of writer/director Nik Fackler's new feature, "Sick Birds Die Easy," as well as from the subsequent after party at Slowdown.  

"Sick Birds Die Easy": Becoming Our Own Gods | Feature Story

It pains Nik Fackler (Icky Blossoms, InDreama) to sum up his second feature film, opening tonight at Film Streams. So let's move past his tagline, and read the full, six-part story of "Sick Birds Die Easy."

"Trite monsters" by Sam Martin | Album Premiere

Sam Martin has changed as an artist in the six years of writing collected on his new release. "Trite monsters" captures the ironic, the terrifying and the hopeless. Read the story of the new album here.

Icky Blossoms' Lights Keep Flashing | Concert Preview

Icky Blossoms talks about following in The Faint's electronic music lineage, their constant creation and a bit on why drummers and bassists in the band aren't permanent members.

Nik Fackler’s Delicate/Hectic Balance Between Film and Music | Lazy-i

Posted by Tyler Keown on Thu, 10/25/2012 - 2:27pm in film, lazy-i, music, nebraska, nik fackler, tim mcmahan

A member of Tilly and the Wall, InDreama and Icky Blossoms, Nik Fackler is a pretty busy guy. Somehow, though, he still finds time for his other artistic love: filmmaking.

The Education and Growth of Nik Fackler | Feature Story

Posted by HN staff on Thu, 08/30/2012 - 10:35am in derreck higgins, Icky Blossoms, indreama, music, nebraska, nik fackler

As Nik Fackler returned from making InDreama's debut album, out in October, he turned to his friend Dereck Higgins to join the band as bassist, just as he had turned to him time and time again.

Earth Day in Elmwood | Concert Preview

Icky Blossoms and Satchel Grande share opinions on environmental conservation in advance of Omaha's Earth Day show.

Documenting Africa | Feature

Posted by Jordan on Tue, 02/07/2012 - 10:30am in africa, capgun coup, documentary, film, Icky Blossoms, indreama, jordan minnick, nik fackler, sam martin

Filmmaker and musician Nik Fackler unveils a psychedelic of a different kind with "Sick Birds Die Easy."

"Jejune Stars" by Bright Eyes | Music Video

Posted by Jordan on Thu, 06/09/2011 - 4:40pm in bright eyes, music, music video, nebraska, nik fackler, the people's key

Hey, Maha, we're thinking this route for the local stage. 

InDreama Summer Debut | Under the Radar

While Nik Fackler's electro-rock opera waits for Africa, stream songs here and catch InDreama tonight for splits at the Slowdown.