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Nebraska Music Video Round-Up | News

Catch up on a huge last week of new music videos and singles in Nebraska music. We run down new releases from Kill County, UUVVWWZ, Digital Leather, The Faint and more.

The Faint return from hiatus with "Doom Abuse" | Feature Story

Posted by HN staff on Mon, 04/21/2014 - 11:06am in chris aponick, dapose, doom abuse, help in the head, jacob thiele, sqe music, the faint, todd fink

After their 2008 hiatus, The Faint began playing live again "because we're a band," Todd Fink says. Their new album "Doom Abuse" is similarly instinctual, crafted on the band's feelings and tastes. 

The Faint’s New Album Doom Abuse Out April 8 | Lazy-i

Posted by Molly Misek on Wed, 02/26/2014 - 3:00pm in cursive, doom abuse, lazy-i, the faint, tim mcmahan

The Faint is set to release a new album on SQE Music, and Cursive releases a new video on LoveDrunk.

Luke Sticka's Take Cover Song | Concert Preview

Luke Sticka carefully chose his Take Cover song, somewhere between "'some obscure tune you've never heard of' and 'Amber' by 311," he says. Find out which Nebraska band he'll cover here.

The Faint at The Bourbon | Photo Essay

Posted by Shannon Claire on Mon, 08/05/2013 - 8:03am in 50/50/1, digital leather, music, nebraska, photo essay, photos, shannon claire, the bourbon, the faint, touch people

The Faint took part in the first-ever Bud Light Music First 50/50/1 at The Bourbon last Thursday night. HN contributor Shannon Claire was there to capture them in between the beams of light.

Saddle Creek Records' Nate Welker | Nebraska Mixtapes

Nate Welker, Saddle Creek Records' warehouse manager, shares his Nebraska Mixtape, which includes Matthew Sweet, Eagle Seagull and more. Read on to hear the rest.

SecretPenguin's Dave Nelson | Nebraska Mixtapes

Posted by katrbuchanan on Mon, 03/25/2013 - 1:53pm in conchance, Conduits, dave nelson, hers, secretpenguin, the faint, the mynabirds

Listen to what music SecretPenguin's Dave Nelson picked to represent his home state's scene. It's our second Nebraska mixtape curated by the creative class.

Top 5 Most Outstretched Arms | HN Photo Archive

See what we're deeming as the photos with the most outstretched arms at concerts. It's our second dig through the photo archive, and we dare you to count every limb.

What Cheer's John Henry Müller | Nebraska Mixtapes

In light of his upcoming move, John Henry Müller of Omaha's What Cheer looks back on the Nebraska music that represents his longtime state well in our first Nebraska Mixtape.

Roger L. Lewis' Top 12 Albums of All Time | The List

Roger L. Lewis of Omaha band Conduits lets the music and the artists do the talking in this top 12 list of the musician's favorite albums of all time.