“Xenophonic” by Judgement Day | Love Drunk Video

In Love Drunk's 101st session, Judgement Day (Oakland, Calif.) performs Xenophonic in the old Avoca, Neb. schoolhouse.

The song appears on the band's latest record, Polar Shift.

"Our previous albums used a lot of heavy effects on the strings, which is cool, but as fun as it is to put a violin through a ring modulator, it does tend to obscure the fact that it's actually a violin," says violinist Anton Patzner.

Patzner says the three-piece set out to make a "decent rock record" with acoustic violin and cello tones and minimal overdubs.

"It was definitely a challenge to keep the songs interesting with these limitations," Anton says. "But I think 'Xenophonic' is a great example of the kind of stuff that really worked."

Anton's brother Lewis, the band's cellist, is credited as the song's primary composer.

"He wrote the entire cello part first and we added our parts around that," Anton says. "His cello part is pretty crazy. It covers quite a bit of ground. I barely had to do anything after that."

Judgement Day has quite a few interesting Nebraska ties. Anton played fiddle for Bright Eyes for three years and appears in some of the band's music videos, including "Four Winds," in which he is the recipient of projectile garbage.

Anton has also toured with The Faint, while Lewis played cello and bass on a Tim Kasher tour.

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