Who’s in the House? It’s | New Releases

by Billy DeFrain

One thing I will miss about the decline of physical music releases are the easter eggs in album art and packaging. As a recovering Pearl Jam fan, I recall the excitement of discovering that, when you unfolded the panels of the cover to No Code and observed it from a distance, it resembled the little pyramid-logo thing that was part of the promo material for that album.

I also remember removing the CD tray from a Radiohead album to find a whole new pamphlet hidden inside. It made me feel like Nic Cage in National Treasure 4, only I wasn't saving Martin Van Buren's hook-hands.*

That stuff is awesome, and it's really too bad no one does it anymore. There's just no decent analog for those kind of secrets with digital releases. Oh well.

All 4 Hym | Faith & Family | Metropolis Records
Christian bluegrass that I didn’t actually listen to, but chose for its cover art. There’s just something about that speaks to me. You know what? Let’s get a closer look. Enhance.

New Releases

Zoom in on the guy on the left.

New Releases

Now isolate his eyes. There’s something about his eyes…

New Releases

And zoom in again.

New Releases


Blackfield | Welcome to My DNA I Kscope
The worst possible thing to say to someone you’ve just had sex with.

Brian Setzer | Setzer Goes Instru-METNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Surfdog Records**
Sounds pretty much exactly as you think it would sound.

Cam’ron | Gunz N’ Butta | E1 Music
Gunz are nice, but I’d like to see you make grilled cheese with ‘em.

CY | High Wire Act | Much Luvv Records
Christian Rap! You know else used to do that? Carman! Watch this inexplicable video!

Del Tha Funkee Homosapien | Golden Era | The Council
Three-disc set from frequent collaborator with Gorillaz and Dan the Automator.

Gorillaz | The Fall | Gorillaz
Speaking of Del, Gorillaz and Dan the Automator, here’s the physical release of last year’s The Fall, recorded on an IPad.

Haeresiarchs of Dis | In Obsecration of the Seven Darks | Moribund Records
I had to look up what “Haeresiarch” meant, and it’s actually “Heresiarch,” which means someone who’s founded a heresy. So yeah, they’re metal, but — here’s the twist — they’re into Satan!  

The High Llamas | Talahomi Way | Drag City
More Brian Wilson fetishizing from the Llamas. This is what Of Montreal would sound like if they went pop instead of dance.

Loudness | Live Loudest at the Budokan ‘91 | Wounded Bird Records
Live album from Japanese hair metal band. You know who else was Japanese and played loudly? Guitar Wolf!

The Middle East | I Want That You Are Always Happy  I Spunk Records
Sounds like: Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, Iron & Wine, but sadder and quieter.

Mike Tramp | Stand Your Ground I Dead Line Music
Speaking of hair metal, here’s a new solo album from a guy from White Lion. So let’s watch White Lion!

Serph | Heartstrings I Noble Japan
Not really my thing, but this video has some cool animation:

Steve Miller Band | Let Your Hair Down | Roadrunner Records
More music for Dads!

Various Artists | Piano Tribute to 3 Doors Down | Rural Rhythm Christian
There’s never been a better reason to not practice piano!

Winds of Plague | Against the World | Century Media

*Our 8th president did not, in fact, have hooks for hands.

**Superfluous exclamation points may have been added by the writer.