“The Whale” by Flashbulb Fires | Love Drunk Video

By the time the Love Drunk crew arrived on location for its 73rd session, Denver's Flashbulb Fires had already spent a couple hours shoveling the road leading to their friend Ty Colman's cabin, which sits 7,000 feet above sea level, upon Mount Arkansas, near Boulder.

"It's tough shoveling a quarter-mile road at this elevation," said Ben Semisch, who was a member of the four-person Love Drunk crew that made the weekend trip to Colorado to shoot Flashbulb and The Photo Atlas. "Not that I've ever tried shoveling a road before or anything, but we have to get all this equipment up somehow."

Colman's picturesque, one-room cabin is a loft, operating on a modest array of batteries charged by solar panels. For the sake of this music video, the band rented a pair of gas-powered generators, which were put in place about 100 feet from the cabin.

Flashbulb Fires is set to release their second full-length album, GASCONADER, on May 15. The record will be available on their spring tour, which includes dates in Lincoln and Omaha this weekend:

April 28 at Barley Street Tavern in Omaha
HN Presents w/ Good Show Great Show | Arrah and the Ferns (Philly)
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April 29 at Duffy's Tavern in Lincoln
Love Drunk Tour Fundraiser w/ Classes | Millions of Boys | Arrah and the Ferns (Philly)
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The band plans on touring all summer, making it to both coasts.

Singer Patrick McGuire says "The Whale" is narrated by the gasconader, "a crazy person who believes the rapture is imminent."

The "let it come, let it come" line is referring to the horrible end the world is coming to.

"There is a numbness to the character when he says that the winds blew him down and the fire burned him out,"  McGuire says. "Some people feel so much that they stop feeling anything at all, eventually."

McGuire says the lush, instrumental soundscape at the end of the song may be the characters' vision of a new world.

"A world in which there is no pain and suffering," McGuire says.

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audio recorded/mixed by matt hovanec
video directed/edited by django g-s

ty colman
django g-s
matt hovanec
andrew roger
ben semisch

ben semisch

* performed on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012