Tim Kasher Busking in Madrid | Videos by They Shoot Music

photo by Sarah Brugner

Little else is more humbling for a popular songwriter than to busk to the uninitiated. Tim Kasher plays in Madrid, Spain, in the two videos below as a dog barks its harmonies, as folks pass by without stopping and others sit feet away without turning toward him.

Cursive's frontman takes it in stride, though, singing his lyrics at a volume suited for the stage among electrified instruments and drums. He bows at the end to a smattering of applause. Here's hoping that those he casually invited to his show were convinced to go by this pair of performances filmed by They Shoot Music Don't They: "Cat and Mouse" and "This House Alive," songs off Cursive's latest album, I Am Gemini:

Cinematography: Michael Luger
Sound Recording: Sarah Brugner
Postproduction: Michael Luger
Photography: Sarah Brugner

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