“Terence McKenna” by The Golden Hearts | Song Premiere

photo by Daniel Muller

Written by one half of The Golden Hearts (Katey Sleeveless) for the other half's 31st birthday (Adam Hawkins), "Terence McKenna" is an ode to where they've been and what they've done.

With lines such as "The future is ours to see" and "We've got nothing but time," the track is also a hopeful reminder of what's yet to come. "Terence McKenna" will be on the duo's full-length album due out later this year.

Read more about how "Terence McKenna" became a song in Sleeveless' blog entry: "Terence McKenna is the person who I’d choose to date in the classic 'If you could have lunch with anybody living or dead' sentiment. He was an orator, giving talks at conferences and special events all over the world from the seventies into the nineties."

Katie Fennelly is a Hear Nebraska intern. She thinks this video of The Golden Hearts talking about Hear Nebraska is just adorable. Reach her at katief@hearnebraska.org.