Taking You On A Joyride l Ingrained Video

by Andrew Roger

I met Jordan of Joyride at a photoshoot and he was in character, acting out, sexing up and getting down. His shades hiding all the dirty thoughts that were coming out of the beats of the boombox, keeping the mood hieghtened and the pants tight. I had this weird feeling we had met before, somewhere intimate. As the flash of camera died down, Jordan came over to shake my hand, I was intimidated but flush with intrigue.

"Dude, good to see you again, whats with the caramel fix this week"?

Blank stare the length of Prince's Emancipation.

He slowly takes off the shades.

"Oh wow. It's Jordan, the barista."

This demi-sex-god was instantly morphed into the mild-mannered coffee wrangler at the coffeeshop I frequent.

Damn, there is something in the music that takes you to another funky sensual universe.

And maybe it doesn't surprise you that Jordan (formerly of Shiver Shiver) and his new project, Joyride, are musing off the classic flirtatious albums of Prince, Rick James and D'Angelo. It was only apt that Studio Gallery hosted Joyride to cover Prince's Dirty Mind for its first Record Club project show. Sex dripped from every symphonic sway and beat from that night but the highlight was the uber-slick pop of "Do It All Night."

Camera: Daniel Muller and Andrew Roger

Edit: Andrew Roger

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