“Swear I’m Innocent” by The Photo Atlas | Love Drunk Video

In Love Drunk's 72nd session, The Photo Atlas' Alan Andrews wants to know what the injustice is all about. Yeah, it's true, he doesn't remember where he left that girl's body, but just look at that face: He's obviously innocent.

Besides, this no-bullshit dancy rock outfit has more important questions to answer such as, "Who's playing Atari's Space Invaders on the flat-panel against the wall?"

The shoot took place at the INCA House in Denver, Colo., as part of a weekend trip west for Omaha's Love Drunk live music video project.

With Andrews at the helm in his Worker's Takeout shirt, the band laid into the song that Andrews says is a story of false imprisonment "and running from the law with a catchy beat."

Recently coming off a 21-date East Coast tour, The Photo Atlas isn't running from anything. The band is preparing to release a new full-length album, on which you can hear "Swear I'm Innocent."

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audio recorded/mixed by matt hovanec (plan c recording)
video directed/edited by django g-s

django g-s
matt hovanec
andrew roger
ben semisch

ben semisch

* performed on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012


Photos by Ben Semisch