Sun Settings at House of Loom | Photo Essay

words and photos by Matt Masin and Kat Buchanan

The buzz started on Facebook a couple days before Sun Settings' free show at House of Loom on Thursday, Jan. 10: The sun was finally going to set. For good. 

After playing together for a few years, the guys are calling it quits to explore new influences and create new projects.

The theme of the final show was light and breezy, though. A Wintertime Beach Party, complete with a limbo line and old surf movies projected onto the wall. The conversation was a little more somber as the crowd talked about how there will "never be a Sun Settings show again." The band's quick set was sprinkled with short interjections from lead singer Matt Tillwick that made no reference to it being the last time.

Adding some twisted sort of insult to injury, the no-longer-the-same band had their set together. Their signature '50s beachside drum beats drove each song then left some air for a good old post-punk jam breakdown here and there. Lead singer Tillwick seemed to be the most invested in the show, swinging his hair to and fro while wailing his final notes. And when he said he "had one more for [us] guys," he really meant it.

Lucky for us, Sun Settings have announced their new band’s next show at O’Leavers on Feb. 8 with Noah’s Ark Was a Spaceship and Killer Blow. Here's to the future of surfy garage rock:

Kat Buchanan is a Hear Nebraska multimedia intern, and Matt Masin used to be one. They both don't know who they are, but they consider you their friends. Reach them at and, respectively.