“Stay With Me” by Mitch Gettman | Music Video

by Andrew Roger

Normally, I post Ingrained videos — the live, sometimes a little grainy, venue-shot videos that attempt to capture bands in their element — but this time I'm excited to share a new music video I finished for Omaha alt-rocker Mitch Gettman. So where did this guy come from — the place where all proper phenom's now get their start. At 15, Gettman started posting videos on his youtube account of acoustic versions of some of his influences like Radiohead, Jeff Buckley and U2. With view counts in the hundreds of thousands, he found an audience online. His reception helped to form a band here in town and he has been playing his own songs for almost two years.

From the acoustic songs I had heard online, I was blown away by the mature and rocking sound of his new album, We Are the Mad Ones. Musing Jack Kerouac, Gettman has written a solid album of mad bittersweet characters yearning after love, life and happiness.

The concept for this video focused on what one does when errant love runs off. The fireworks became a centerpiece image, exploring wonder and danger, energy and contemplation. Take a moment and let the sweet release of this video set in while fireworks make your heart grow fonder.

Cameras: Mike Machian, Django Greenblatt-Seay, Andrew Roger

Directed and Edited by Andrew Roger

Produced by Rad Kadillac Productions

Stream the entire album below

And purchase the album here

Look for live dates starting soon, including the physical CD release event at the Slowdown Friday, Dec. 16t.