“Son et Lumi

by Bryce Wergin

(Editor's note: DJ Enso was correctly identified as Omaha's Derrick Calloway, NOT the DJ Enso who resides in Hong Kong)

A good DJ can take a dark room, some turntables, a laptop and a floor full of partygoers and turn it into a hot, sweaty, euphoric dance party. Using these ingredients like a master chef, Omaha's DJ Enso gave an entrancing performance to a receptive dance floor at Omaha's new venue House of Loom earlier this month.

DJ Enso is the alias of Omaha musician Derrick Calloway (NOT the DJ Enso from China, sorry for the previous mix-up). He's been making electronic music since he was in high school, and talks a bit about his experiences with music in an interview with The Reader, in which he says, "Typically, a DJ begins dj-ing using turntables (vinyl or CDJs) and eventually tries his or her hand at producing music. I went about it backwards. I had been producing for years before I tried dj-ing. As my productions changed from rock to dance music, I began to gain interest in dj-ing."

Omaha videographer Chris Dinan captured Enso's song, "Son et Lumiére" and produced the following video. Make sure you've got the bass on for this one:

Enso – Son et Lumiére from Chris Dinan on Vimeo.

Bryce Wergin is a Hear Nebraska intern. Sometimes Google makes us jump to hasty conclusions (sorry, Derrick!). Reach him at brycewergin@hearnebraska.org.