From the Silent Hill We Scream Out Your Name, Mighty Power of the | New Releases

by Billy DeFrain

One wonders what inspires the diversity of lyrical subjects. Capitol Steps crack easy jokes about the liars, thieves and cravens in Congress, to the guffaws of the middle aged. Rhapsody of Fire, conversely, focus on cosmic battles, ages ruled by mystic ice, and dragon riders of doom, to the tinnitus-afflicted ears of those who like things that are awesome.

Alkaline Trio | Damnesia | Epitaph
It has a cover of this song, by the Violent Femmes, which is one of the few saxophonecentric songs I like, and also one of the best Femmes songs.

Army Navy | The Last Place | The Fever Zone
Power pop that’s pretty light on the power.

Billy C. Farlow | You Better Run | Yellow Label
Who, me? Running! Running!

Brisk Recorder Quartet | Ich Stuend an einem Morgen | Globe
What’s more intense than a single recorder? How bout we get four muthafuckin recorders up in this bitch.

Capitol Steps | Desperate Housemembers | Capitol Steps

Decapitated | Carnival is Forever | Nuclear Blast
I don’t have to spell this one out for you guys.

Fair to Midland | Arrows & Anchors | eOne
Metal with banjos, strings, church organs.

Hawkwind  | Space Chase: 1980-1985 | Cleopatra
Indisputably the album art of the week.

Incubus | If Not Now, When? | Immortal
Never seems pretty good!

Larry and His Flask | All that We Know | Silver Sprocket
Best band name.

Oax | This Distance | Bladen Country Records
Fuzzy country rock with guest appearances from members of Spoon and The Rosebuds.  

Rhapsody of Fire | From Chaos to Eternity | Nuclear Blast
The best fantastical power metal band out there. Formerly known as just Rhapsody, their 2004 album, Symphony of the Enchanted Lands: Vol.2: The Dark Secret, heavily featured narration from Christopher Lee. Because they’re awesome.  

Sepultura | Kairos I Nuclear Blast
Week of metal!   

Sublime with Rome | Yours Truly | Fueled by Ramen
Like Sublime, but with 33 percent less Sublime.

Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players | Lost and Found Records | Tummy Touch
Ostensibly not children’s music, but effectively children’s music. IT’S SO PRECIOUS!

V8 Wankers | Iron Crossroads | Steamhammer
Swedes finally paired macho hard rock posturing with macho car guy posturing!

Various Artists | Piano Tribute to Death Cab for Cutie | Copycat
Skynet has gone love, and is digitally producing Piano Tribute CDs of OK bands at an alarming rate.

Washed Out | Within and WIthout |Sub Pop
Shoegazy synth pop.