“Secret Summer” by Eric in Outerspace | On the Record

words by Chance Solem-Pfeifer

The basements, the garages — they can scarcely hold Eric In Outerspace.

With their new album Secret Summer, the Omaha four-piece is showing maturation. The growth of the band is announced immediately with the record’s first track “Gee See” and a melodic dueling of electric guitars.

A telling before-and-after comparison is “Chups & Dip,” which appears redone on the new record and also on their 2011 split 7-inch with Places We Slept. The August 2013 version triumphs in both sharpness and confidence.

The lyrics of Secret Summer (as the title indicates) still take root in the soil of teenage angst: the stuff of Dad’s proverbial disapproval, sharing secret bottles of wine and a fascination with cigarettes.

If there’s a hinderance to Secret Summer’s full-fledged lift-off, it’s that songs such as “Gee See” announce greater potential than the following 10 tracks. Too often, a stylistic fuzz obscures the full richness and color of their pop/rock.

Age noted, we’re ready for Eric In Outerspace’s next step. The launch is in progress and looks promising, but we want Eric to transcend the stratosphere soon.

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Chance Solem-Pfeifer is Hear Nebraska’s staff writer. To read about Eric in Outerspace’s seven-inch brethren Places We Slept, click here. Reach Chance at chancesp@hearnebraska.org.