“Red Scarf” by Guilty Is The Bear | Ingrained Video

[Editor's note: This video previews Guilty Is The Bear's concert at The Gallery at 123 S. 6th St., in Seward, Neb., tonight at 10. Cover is $2.]

I forget names. I've probably forgotten yours, or I will someday. I blank on simple facts or just a single word, the one that's important to the conversation we are having. And for some reason I will remember a person's hair color, unique accessory or their amazing heritage, but I don't have a clue what their first name is.

Lincoln's Guilty Is The Bear must have had a similar moment because all they can remember from last night is the "Red Scarf." Like me, they are forgetful. They just get wrapped up in the moment and the specifics are, well, figured out later.

Cameras: Andrew Roger, Jillian Liesemeyer

Edit: Andrew Roger

Shot March 31st at The Sidedoor Lounge.

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