“Receiver” by The Lonely Estates | Ingrained Video

by Andrew Roger

"I could not reiterate when I needed to." Those words have stayed with me since filming the Lonely Estates at O'Leaver's Pub. It's hard to describe an experience to someone who wasn't there, who doesn't know. The Lonely Estates are a dream of pop. Smart, syncopated, sexy, dancy, thought-evoking and progressive. They put their lyrics in your head and make it bang. It's a good way to do pop — better than more ruminations.

Come see these guys play at their CD release party Saturday, Nov 12 at the Waiting Room Lounge with Blue Bird, New Lungs and Brad Hoshaw and the Seven Deadlies.

Shot By: Django Greenblatt-Seay, Kevin McGowan, Andrew Roger

Edited: Andrew Roger

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