by Lainey Seyler

Jupiter makes sounds. They were recorded by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft in 2001 and can be heard on the agency's website. Eerie and surprisingly melodic, these sounds inspired ætherplough’s next production. The performance art combines theater, music, dance and art and will be exhibiting its show, [SPACE]; or, the gods are dangerous, in room 209 in The Mastercraft, 1111 N 13th St., Oct. 20-22 and 27-29. The performance is focused on an original composition from ætherplough member Satid Kippenberger and poses questions about space and consciousness.

“A lot of what we do is respond to works,” ætherplough co-founder Thom Sibbitt says. “This performance is a response to Satid’s response to space noise and pop songs.” 

Kippenberger’s music features the space noise but also draws inspiration from pop music and rock ‘n’ roll. The performance is directed by co-founder Susann Suprenant and features video installation, live music and live actors.

Sibbitt and Suprenant formed ætherplough more than two years ago to help artists collaborate in Omaha.

Every year the group works on three projects: one of its own making, in this case [SPACE]; one helping someone else — last year ætherplough worked with slam poet Katie FS on (Com).Passion, an abortion narrative; and one bringing an outside performer to Omaha. Perviously, ætherplough brought a butoh dancer from San Francisco for several performances.

Sibbitt says Omaha is known and respected nationally for its art and music but isn't yet for theatrical performances

“I think Omaha is just as connected nationally as any other town, so we want to bring things here," he says. "We want to see wild experimental art and wild rock shows.”

[SPACE] is the culmination of four to six months of work and includes up to 40 artists. The show draws inspiration from classical theater, space-age history, popular culture and epic poetry. The show costs $10 and begins at 8 p.m. each night of its six performances. A reception follows. For more information, and to see videos from rehearsal and the development process, visit