“Perfect Vision” by Icky Blossoms | Ingrained Video

photos by Mike Machian

"Everyone, take your shirts off: now," singer Sarah Bohling demanded as the first beats of Icky Blossoms' single, "Perfect Vision," started shaking a sweaty crowd — just before a small downpour of cotton and polyester hit the floor.

Depressed Buttons had mixed a bass- and sex-heavy DJ show for early comers at this Waiting Room show in Benson, Neb., on July 3, 2012. Fellow Saddle Creek Records band UUVVWWZ had whipped through a fast set, including a couple new ones from their upcoming, sophomore album. Between it all, a flurry of drag queens swirled and seduced the crowd. It was a dizzying night of Fat Tires, dance moves and lingerie, set to the beat of a digital drum machine.

Icky fans don't get tired either. Even after the band had played through their self-titled debut and briefly left the stage around 1 a.m., the audience was still dancing, stomping for the encore. With such energy awaiting, Icky came back and rocked a powerful rendition of "Perfect Vision."

We'll see whose shirt remains on:

Recorded July 3, 2012, at The Waiting Room Lounge in Benson.

Andrew Roger
Jillian Liesemeyer
Nate Gasaway
Mike Machian
Django Greenblatt-Seay
Tregan Albers

Audio recorded and mixed: Django Greenblatt-Seay

Edit: Andrew Roger

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