“Paper Leaves” by Cassie Morgan | Love Drunk Video

The South City, St. Louis home of an old friend set the scene for the final shoot of the 2012 Love Drunk Tour. It was appropriate to find ourselves talking shots after dark in Cassie Morgan's kitchen. Because as much as this tour — which included shooting live, one-take music videos for 17 bands over 16 days — had been about the music, it was just as much about the people for our eight-person camera crew. We slept on their floors, ate at their table, and played with their dogs. In the best cases, we made friendships that transcend music. At worst, we made contacts who can help link Nebraska bands with shows in cities across the eastern part of the U.S.

Cassie is a perfect example of what we hope happens from this tour. We shot her project, Cassie Morgan and the Lonely Pine (featuring multi-instrumentalist Beth Bombara), on the 2011 tour, became fast friends, and later hosted them for a show in Omaha last fall. She was among five bands we shot on that tour who did the same. We hope all of this year's tour bands make Nebraska a destination. They know they'll have warm homes to stay in, with plenty of hospitality, just like Cassie and her roommate, Kate McDaniel, provided for us after we shot her performing a reworked song from her 2008 solo EP Pine So Sweet.

Six Love Drunk videographers went on tour shooting live, one-take videos with bands across the eastern part of the U.S., spreading the word about Nebraska music along the way from May 4-20. This was day 17 of the 17-day tour. Learn more about the project and the tour here. Watch all the videos here.


audio engineered by angie norman

audio mixed by django g-s

video edited by django g-s 

nate burrell
django g-s
daniel muller
ben semisch

* performed Saturday, May 19, 2012, in a South City, St. Louis, backyard



Andrew Norman is Hear Nebraska's editor in chief. He sat out shooting this one, to drink a craft beer and watch the other shooters, who have gotten really damn good. Contact him at andrewn@hearnebraska.org.